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Our same-day MRI scans are a convenient and efficient way to get the answers you need about your health. If you're looking for a fast and convenient way to get an MRI scan, Eastgate Diagnostic Center is the place for you. Schedule your appointment today at our MRI diagnostic centre and get the answers you need to get back to your life.

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Medetick's skilled radiographers, operates MRI diagnostic centers that conduct various specialized investigations, including Dynamic Liver, Multiparametric Prostate, Dynamic Breast, and angiograms, using mobile scanners. At Eastgate diagnostic center, our radiographers handle a significant portion of scans typically performed on static scanners, with approximately 80% of our daily scans involving contrast.

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Medetick offers a core team of exceptional MRI and CT radiographers, renowned for their expertise and up-to-date knowledge. Choose us to experience reduced operating costs, improved profit margins, and reduce waiting times.

Partners with CDCs, offering locally sourced radiographer workforce, enabling efficient utilization of resources and maximizing the potential of the scanner in long term.

We provide a core team for each site, that is dedicatedly working at your hospital or site. This enables better understanding of the local protocols and policies specific to your site. The outcome of this is continued consistency of work as well as optimisation of workflow.

We provide mobile scanner that is fully staffed by our core team of radiographers and assistants to extend the capacity of your diagnostics and imaging.

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At Medetick, we've simplified the healthcare and consultancy process.

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